What is the slope of the table?

The slope of the table values can be calculated by taking the first column as x points and the second column as a y point. For example, row 1 first box is the x point while row 1 second box is the y point of the line. 


What is an undefined slope in math?

In mathematics, the undefined slope is the slope of the vertical line. The x-coordinates in the undefined slope remain unchanged, no matter what the y coordinates are.


What is the slope of 0?

The zero slope is that slope in which the y-coordinates or vertical points remain the same. So, the zero slope is a slope of x-coordinates or horizontal lines.


What happens if the slope is 1?

As the slope of the line is equal to the tan(θ).

Slope = Δy/Δx = tan(θ)

So, if the slope is 1 it means the angle of the slope is 450. Hence, if the slope is 1 then it rises as fast as it goes forward.